Human Resources

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

Our Human Value Policy;

As Kalkedon Enerji, we assess our employees that we share a common fate as “value” not as a “resource”. The aim of our “Human Value Policy” is to enrich our employees who doesn’t ignores the self-improvement and to enrich ourselves by determining the human value modeling suitable for work production method formed as result of deep experiences and hard projects and company culture.

The satisfaction of our real employees who helped us gain legal personality and to having contributions to their development, bringing skills to Kalkedon Enerji structure that can be a pioneer for forming perfect routes and methods to follow to reach our objectives are the main objective of Our Human Value Policy.

Why Kalkedon Family?

- Administration policy is not based on equality, but on justice.

- As principle, we respect to diversities.

- Trustworthiness and Honesty is our real added value.

- Codes of conduct are essential to us.

- Human Health and Environmental Consciousness are our primary focus.

- Continuous Development is our principle.

- Commitment to our employees is like a family bond.

- Social and cultural development of our employees is our assignment.

Our Employment Procedure;

- Announcing the employment positions to career sites and to persons that can be references.

- Recording the suitable candidates to databases.

- Examination of applications.

- Interviewing the candidates based on technical and competence skills.

- Assessment of candidates in terms of human values principles.

- Offering employment to the successful candidates.

- Sharing information with the offered candidates about the nature of work.

- Starting the employment process.