Quality Standards

We have to give up the life we planned, and welcome what is pending.

Our Quality System;

Whether the provided is a product or a service, for Kalkedon Enerji, quality is accepted as a “”catalyst” on the way to success.

Kalkedon Enerji is an inventive and innovative company that is accepted in World with project applications and that aims to reach the quality standards.

The production processes of companies are mainly similar. Forming a difference in the manufacturing and project applications has some indispensable factors. These indispensable factors are following the technologic innovations and applying the learned innovations in the manufacturing, to provide technologic and innovative formation to our technical team, to provide process and insp
ections that will elevate the human health and their life quality. Regardless the size and the load of the work, for us, all these factors are the real reason of quality. With this kind of understanding, with its strong solution partners, Kalkedon Enerji has strengthened its presence in the industry.

Our Policy;

According to the understanding of Kalkedon; before resource or client, human is a value. With this understanding, we show the maximum attention to the safety and health of our employees in the construction sites, and we execute the factor that puts forward a complete quality, and we provide the best service to our clients with our low cost policy that provides a full time process and without sacrificing quality and in accordance with the legislations.

In addition to our work scope for project applications, by developing work improving policies that will facilitate work of our solution partners and to deliver the work in time we form effective project management methods and we try to apply these methods in all our projects. Forming similar operations that we see as our touchstone with our clients within the framework of joint mind is a valuable skill for us.

With our continuous improvement understanding and during our project application, increasing the satisfaction of clients and to affect the competition powers, we provide fast improvement in terms of our employees that works in terms of processes, period, time and technologies and we continue to our competitive standing in costs.

Customer satisfaction is one of the objectives of our quality policy. The maximum satisfaction of our solution partners as result of the quality and standards is an effective and gratifying consequence of the client based formations of our employees.