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We set out on an expediency, that is, by force of requirements and conditions.

At a time when our individual goals were not enough to start us on a journey and even began to atrophy, our desire to serve the community and contribute to community law became our main source of motivation.

We believed that we could inevitably change existing habits and bring a new approach to business life. And Kalkedon emerged as a utopia rather than a company. We tried to make difficult things more possible by dreaming of things that were difficult to realize at first glance.

We have strived to make our material gains not to buy happiness, but to be the source of happiness, to make the individual not the one who produces substances, but the one who gives meaning to the resulting product.
We imagined matter and meaning as two colorful wings so that the Kalkedon dream, being the main body, could float in the sky. Apart from the usual, we started to grow by holding each other's hands tightly without looking at the color of our shirt collars so that our existence, which started with small steps at first, could be accepted right next to those who resist change.

As we witnessed that our kindly listened ideas aroused excitement, we actually saw that the distance of utopias from the truth could be reduced or even realized by becoming a family.

We are Kalkedon. We are the ones who stand in front of the habits with the experience at the core of the habits, believe in the futility of individual gains and achievements, see the substance without meaning as worthless, try to produce instead of seeking happiness, try to institutionalize the self-sacrifice skill that exists in human nature, connect distant geographies from heart to heart through a silk path, and have something to say for humanity. We are the dreams of those who have dreams, the speakers of the future and the address of sharing. We are Kalkedon and here we are.

We are Kalkedon and here we are.

Our Mission

Our way of dealing with the business is to be a company that puts people at the center in the perspective of strategic solutions, ethical values and social responsibility, and transfers the experiences we have gained with our employees and stakeholders to life practice.

Our Vision

To serve with maximum frequency in a sustainable working ecosystem together with our stakeholders and solution partners.



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