Sandblasting is a process used to clean surfaces from elements such as rust, dirt, painted coating. This process is important for smoothing, preparing and cleaning surfaces. Sandblasting is carried out using sharp-edged sand grains that are sprayed towards the surface with the help of compressed air. This process can be used for cleaning and preparing various surfaces such as metal, concrete, glass, wood.


During the sandblasting process, the sand grains used prepare the surface by removing dirt and rust from the surface. This is a step that must be taken before painting the surface. During the sandblasting process, it is also ensured that the roughness on the surface is corrected.

Painting is a process used to paint the surface after sandblasting. This process is important for the protection, aesthetics and performance of the surface. The painting process can be carried out by selecting paint suitable for the surface, spraying or brushing.

In the industrial construction sector, sandblasting and painting operations are usually carried out with heavy-duty sandblasting machines and spraying machines. These machines are designed for sandblasting and painting of materials such as large-scale equipment, vehicles and machine parts.

As a result, sandblasting and painting processes in the industrial construction sector are important steps for the preparation, protection and aesthetics of surfaces. These processes are used for cleaning, preparing and painting various surfaces. These processes, which use heavy-duty machines, are necessary for the surfaces to be long-lasting and to maintain their performance.